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Creative Web Designers (I) Pvt. Ltd. has designed many website projects which are of various types like: simple web site design, dynamic website design, flash designing, search engine optimization. Some of these projects are shown in the following section. These projects include all the projects that were designed for both small and large sized organizations.

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Explaination of Offshore Outsourcing and Indian supremacy and favourability

Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring an external organization to perform some business functions in a country other than the one where the product or service will be sold or consumed. It can be contrasted with offshoring, in which the functions are performed in a foreign country by a foreign subsidiary. Opponents point out that the practice of sending work overseas by countries with higher wages reduces their own domestic employment and domestic investment. Many customer service jobs as well as jobs in the infotech sectors (data entry, computer programming, and customer support) in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom - have been or are potentially affected.

The general criteria for a job to be offshore-able are:
  • There is a significant wage difference between the original and offshore countries
  • The job can be telework.
  • The work has a high information content;
  • The work can be transmitted over the internet;
  • The work is easy to set up;
  • The work is repeatable.
  • The driving factor behind the development of offshore outsourcing has been the need to cut costs while the enabling factor has been the global electronic internet network that allows digital data to be accessed and delivered instantly, from and to almost anywhere in the world.
And India provides all the above features and holds good in each of the above factors.
India is the largest provider of IT services, estimated to be worth $17.5 billion in 2004-2005.

Following are the reason behind India being the main destination for outsourcing IT-enabled services for major global companies are:
  • India has a virtual 12-hour time zone difference with USA and other major markets for IT-enabled Services
  • India has a huge pool of English speaking and computer literate graduate manpower, who will continue to cater to the growing demand for professionals for IT- enabled Services. These professionals are skilled as well as quality conscious.
  • Cost of qualified personnel is amongst the lowest in the world. India provides an income tax holiday till 2010 for export of IT-enabled Services . Many State Governments in India offer special incentives and infrastructure for setting up IT-enabled Services.
  • India enjoys a very strong brand equity in major markets, thanks to its growing and globally competitive software industry. More than 185 of Fortune 500 companies already have offshore centers in India. Therefore vendors in India are used to dealing with the requirements of an offshore initiative.

Our USP in Web Design Offshoring

Creative Web Designers (I) Pvt. Ltd , an offshore outsourcing company is located in Jalandhar, INDIA offering offshore web design, ecommerce website development and software development services, enabling India and US businesses to dramatically cut their costs on custom software solutions and IT infrastructure.

Creative Web Designers(I) Pvt. Ltd is a new generation software company that understands business and the bottom line. We have chosen a strategic global model combining the best of onshore and offshore web & software development to deliver premium quality services and products to our clients at affordable cost.

Our Offshore Development Center in India enables follow-the-sun Development. A nine-and-a-half-hour difference from the Eastern Standard Time puts India in a perfect position to support 24/7, round-the-clock development.

Creative Web Designers(I) Pvt. Ltd 's robust Offshore Development methodology allows us to complete projects on a predictable, low risk path to deliver high quality results. Clients working with us from over the world are assured of maximum benefits of the outsourcing model.

Our rigorous offshore outsourcing methodologies also reduce time-to-market and provide a frequent delivery and support model. Our offshore outsourcing services not only prove to be cost effective but also build business continuity and let our clients focus on core competency tasks .

If you have any questions, queries, comments or just need some advice, just email us at and we'll get back to you.

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